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How We Do It – Relogistics

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How We Do It

Whatever situation brought you to this point, you will be in the best of hands when you trust Relogistics with the many tasks involved in your particular scenario. We will customize a strategy that considers the when, how and why and identifies possible conflicts that could affect deadlines and obligations that are seemingly unrelated.

The need for little or no involvement is the most common reason we are hired. We make it easy for our clients to be free to tend to other responsibilities. This is how we do it.

  • Our team works in the house independently without the need for family participation.
    • Personal papers, photos and memorabilia are set aside.
  • Unique items are always researched.
    • An estate sale is scheduled as items are reorganized and priced.
  • Local charitable foundations are contacted for pickup of surplus items.
    • Any refuse items are prepared for pick up.
  • Necessary contractors (painters, carpet cleaners, etc.) are scheduled.
    • Everything is cleaned and polished.
  • The house is ready to be listed or closed.


This is a tough process that requires time, experience and the right skill set to organize, manage and coordinate. Relogistics will meet your goals for clearing the house and get it ready for market. We make and take the calls, handle on-site matters and keep things headed in the right direction. All while you stay focused on your job and family.

  • One point-of-contact
    Beginning to end, your Relogistics representative will communicate with you concerning all aspects of the project.
  • Local representation
    Having someone close by to be your eyes and ears is invaluable when you live in another state or country.
  • Quick results
    Months or years of your time is saved from paralyzing uncertainty and exasperating delays.
  • Agent coordination
    Keeping your listing agent updated will help ensure that nothing jeopardizes the house being listed or closed.