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About Us

So you’re saying goodbye to a family home and a lot of what’s in it. This can be tough on several levels. Choosing the right estate service can make all the difference in how you’re feeling about things when it’s all over.

  • Did the company really understand what you and your family were going through?
  • Were the people you dealt with professional and approachable?
  • Did the services they offered enable you to concentrate on other important matters while the house was being attended to?
  • Were they more concerned about their bottom line than your situation?
  • At what point did their responsibilities end and yours begin again?
  • Did you deal directly with the owner?

Whether you’re disassembling the home of a family member or moving to more manageable living arrangements, there is a lot to do before the house is empty – usually more than most estate services are willing to do for you.

Don’t rely on hindsight to understand the difference between Relogistics and online auction houses or boiler-plate franchises. Our philosophy on how to service our clients was born from personal experience. We get everything out of the house that you have asked us to take care of and make it “realtor ready”.

When you are about to choose which company will be entrusted to take on this very personal task, think about how you expect things to be handled. You don’t need any surprises right now. Getting you through this is why we’re here. It’s the only reason we’re here.