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Relogistics – When a House is no longer a Home

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What’s left behind can mean a big job ahead. Don’t face it alone.

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Compassionate. Well-connected. Invaluable. Sensitive.
Just a few words past clients use to describe Relogistics.
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Getting you through this is why we’re here. It’s the only reason we’re here.


Are you finding it difficult to start – or finish – sorting through the belongings of someone close to you and getting the house in shape for buyers? Don’t be discouraged. If it’s your responsibility to see that the job is done and done well, you could probably use some help.

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Maintaining the big house and yard has been keeping you from what you really want to do. And you’re done with cleaning bedrooms that are rarely used. You may be thinking it’s time to look for a smaller place. Are you confident you know the best place to start this process?

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Most of us are not equipped to wade through the remnants of a house that was left unattended long ago. The real danger in doing it yourself? Piles of trash, moldy basements and broken furniture may not be a good indication of what valuable items could be hiding there.

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Linda Armsey

Meet Linda Armsey

I have personally experienced much of what you’re going through. So I get it. And I want to help put this behind you. That was the sole purpose of my creating Relogistics.

Real Estate Agents
Relogistics will take responsibility for getting your listing in order. Many times we can use what’s already in the house to stage it for potential buyers before we set up for a sale. Closets, basements, and attics are cleared of unnecessary items, the trash is taken away and the house is cleaned. This works particularly well for houses that look far better furnished than empty. We will also coordinate lawn care, painting, and mechanical work.

Relogistics will make quick work of legal situations that involve assessing the value of chattels left behind in a client’s home. As a non-partisan participant, we make sure that every item in the house is scrutinized as to value and importance. Personal papers, documents, photos, and memorabilia are set aside for review. When appropriate, we will go about selling, donating, and discarding whatever remains in order to ready the house to be listed.

Collectors, Up-cyclers and Resellers
Relogistics understands that the pricing of an item is as important as its condition. Our sale inventories are priced fairly and realistically in an up-close-and-personal environment. Unlike online auctions, negotiating is a welcome part of what we know and love. Make sure you sign up to receive our sale notifications. They will link you to lots of pictures!

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I just wanted to write this letter to thank relogistics so much for the absolutely wonderful job you did in liquidating my mom's house upon her permanent move to Florida. It would be impossible to put into words how valuable your services have been to my family. Beyond doing everything so efficiently and effectively, you showed compassion and interest in making sure that all of my mom's possessions found their proper place in the world!!! You had so many contacts and excellent suggestions and did everything so quickly and efficiently, I just really can't say enough about your services. We would recommend relogistics to everyone and anyone needing help with cleaning out their home, so please put us on your list of references so that we can share our amazing experience with others.

Nancy Lewis

Atlanta, GA

Dear Linda, I know you think of your job as liquidating a house full of items but even more importantly to me you find homes for treasured things. Because of you my Aunt Shirle will live on in her things due to the good people you found to appreciate them. Thank you so much for sharing those stories with me. Since I live far from Cincinnati and could not spend the time going thru Aunt Shirle's things, I especially want to thank you for setting aside some key items that you recognized as being special to her such as the framed needlepoint, the dolls and, of course, the American flag from Uncle Dale’s funeral. My family and I are very grateful. Then there’s the mountain of paperwork you sifted through! She must have saved every piece of paper that came her way. Within all that paper you were able to locate the essential pieces to have the ownership of her car transferred to my granddaughter and then you hand-deliver them to my attorney and secured the temporary tags. You will remain in my heart as a dear friend. Thank you just doesn't seem enough but I thank you anyway from the bottom of my heart.

Kathy Mason

St. Loius, MO

Linda's service as a personal moving consultant has proven to be absolutely invaluable to me as real estate agent. Most recently, I was faced with the challenge of getting a home ready to sell that needed to be entirely cleared of its contents before it could be ready to show. To me, the task at hand was going to be extremely daunting…until I advised my client to call Linda! Linda had a clear cut plan for everything from utilizing consignors and auctioneers, to organizing an entire estate sale, to even a trash dumpster and professional cleaning crew. The home was market ready quicker than I could have ever imagined and ended up selling in record time! In my business, I have never met anyone who could deliver the same level of service that Linda provides from beginning to end.

Lindsay Shapiro

Cincinnati, OH

After the death of both my parents, the task of emptying their home which they loved for 45 years, was daunting and quite frankly, depressing. The physical task of going through boxes and boxes of items in a 5 bedroom home was overwhelming, yet with the sale of their home, I had to move quickly in order to empty the home. Fortunately , I had the expertise of relogistics. Linda was able to go through the house and organize what I could not and did not know was even stored in the home. Linda is well connected in this city with potential buyers for the better things in a home and works to complete a deadline on time. She provided me with the assurance, security and sensitivity of managing this project so that I never missed any work. As Linda told me ' there is not a corner of this house that I haven't seen', which was the complete truth. From matching my mothers haphazard earrings and china, etc, to finding a buyer for my Father's boxes of rocks, and everything in between, relogistics is the only way to go in a situation like this.

Tricia Kennedy

Cincinnati, OH

Relogistics was able to provide a service that very few individuals would take on, that of clearing out the entire contents of my invalid sister-in-law's house so that we could put it on the market for sale. They did this task in record time, utilizing consignors, auctioneers, various sources for books and sporting goods, the Salvation Army, an estate sale and a trash dumpster. Linda Armsey has many sources who are more than willing to work with her to help make her job go smoothly. My husband and I were extremely impressed with her attention to detail and her ability to pull this monumental task off in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend relogistics to anyone who needs help dissolving years of accumulation of an estate.

Laurie Reed

Cincinnati, OH